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  • Reasonable space planning cloakroom design should fully consider the humanized design, according to the different space of home Bai court to choose different patterns of cloakroom. If the residential area is larger and clothes are more, open type or independent type cloakroom can be selected, and embedded cloakroom is suitable for families with small housing area. At the same time, I-shaped, L-shaped and U-shaped cloakrooms can be selected according to the size and shape of the space. Reasonable regional division cloakroom regional division must be concise and reasonable, make full use of the combination of clapboard and metal pendant to separate the collection of clothing. The cloakroom has changed the traditional way of clothing storage, so that all the clothes are clearly presented in front of you, so that the storage of clothes, from a disordered state to an orderly state. So the design of cloakroom must be comfortable, loose and private. Lighting and color matching cloakroom lighting, hue and other elements should be integrated into the overall interior style, and at the same time, it should have its own characteristics. Homemaking Service

    Reasonable space planning cloakroom desi......

  • Kitchen use frequency is very high, that must pay attention to every detail in decorating. Because the daily use of water and electricity, if you do not pay attention, you can Bai can add a lot of trouble to the future life. So in a reasonable range, it is very necessary to make a reasonable plan for kitchen decoration. Today, let's take a look at the most critical items in the kitchen decoration. With these points in mind, we can certainly help you avoid many mistakes in kitchen decoration.<br />
Decoration experienced people certainly know that the table should be made of fireproof and waterproof materials. If do ambry, had better use finished product. The height of the table should be based on the height of the person who cooks most often at home. Generally, the height of the operating table is 80-85 cm, and there should be a 40-60 cm long table on both sides of the sink, which can be used to place the unwashed dishes and the washed dishes. If the dining table is not in the kitchen, then a 40-60 cm long table should be set on the edge of the stove to temporarily put the dishes just out of the pot. The back of the cabinet should be made of water baffle, that is, the back should be higher than the table top, so as to prevent the water from flowing to the back of the cabinet, so as to expand the base material and cause cracking and falling off.<br />
Kitchen decoration plan:<br />
1. We can consider making several groups of full height cabinets, which can put down too many things.<br />
2. There is a general distance between the cupboard and the top, which can be considered as well as used in the photo.<br />
3. Corner cabinet must be well designed, in order to make full use of the space inside. The more cost-effective and good design is to make the two mutually perpendicular doors at the corner into linkage doors, which will open completely when opened. In this way, the space at the corner can be fully exposed, which is very convenient for taking and placing things.<br />
4. The cabinet under the sink and under the stove is usually very large, but most of them are in a semi wasteful state because there are many pipelines. In fact, there are drawers and pull baskets specially used for these two positions, which can be considered to make full use of these two spaces.<br />
5. Don't waste the wall between the upper cabinet and the lower cabinet. Installing the hardware on the back wall of the cabinet can put a lot of things, such as cutting boards, seasoning boxes, shovels, spoons, dishwashing utensils and so on. Otherwise, these things can only be put on the table or inside the cabinet, which takes up a lot of space.<br /> Teacher services

    Kitchen use frequency is very high, that......

  • Half of one's life will be spent in the bedroom, so in the home decoration design, the decoration of the bedroom is the most worthwhile. A good bedroom decoration design will make people feel happy, improve the quality of sleep, conducive to long-term living. How should the decoration design of the small bedroom be done?<br />
1、 Pay attention to the choice of bedroom color<br />
Bedroom is a living space for sleeping and rest. Designers should choose peaceful color as the main color of bedroom decoration when they design the decoration of small bedroom. Smooth middle color used in the bedroom decoration, can create a good bedroom warm, soft atmosphere, more conducive to improve the quality of sleep.<br />
2、 Consider the lighting arrangement of the bedroom<br />
Designers in the small bedroom decoration design, can not use too bright lighting, it will be too dazzling, affect the sleep quality of owners living. In the choice of lighting, soft and warm colors should be used to create a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere.<br />
3、 Consider the modeling of bedroom ceiling<br />
Bedroom is a place for rest. In the design of ceiling modeling, designers should abandon the too gorgeous and complicated modeling. Although the gorgeous ceiling modeling is good-looking, it will reduce the floor height in the bedroom, making the whole bedroom appear cramped and depressing. The best choice of bedroom ceiling modeling is simple modeling, avoid too fancy.<br />
4、 Sound insulation effect of bedroom<br />
As a living space for sleeping, the poor sound insulation effect of the bedroom will greatly affect the sleep quality. In the decoration design of the small bedroom, the designer should choose better materials with sound insulation and sound absorption, such as carpet with sound insulation and sound absorption effect.<br />
<br />
In addition to the above several aspects is in the designer small bedroom decoration design need to consider the place, in the bedroom decoration design should also consider the curtain shading effect, bedroom ventilation effect and so on. Only when all aspects are considered, can we get the most comfortable living space.<br /> Nursery Service

    Half of one's life will be spent in the ......

  • The monthly sister-in-law is committed to providing professional and careful care for the lying in women and newborns, including prenatal guidance, puerperal care for the lying in women, postpartum rehabilitation guidance, newborn care and nursing, infant care guidance, daily services, etc. The professional and scientific guidance and caring care enable the lying in women to recover their pre natal body shape as soon as possible, reshape their slim and beautiful figure, and care for the healthy growth and development of the newborn<br />
So far, the sister-in-law has provided scientific and healthy services for nearly 10000 mothers and babies<br />
Among them, there are celebrities in the performing arts, business and sports circles who have won praise and praise from many families.<br />
<br /> Monthly sister-in-law service

    The monthly sister-in-law is committed t......

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